Settlers 7

2009: Settlers 7

©Bluebyte and Ubisoft

In 2008 and 2009 i worked on “Settlers7″ by Ubisoft and Bluebyte, after my work on Settlers 6 and the addon it was again quite a huge workload i’ve got offered.
This time it was way too much, for me to work on it alone.
Stephan St√∂lting joined me and later Adina Krause helped out here and there when we still didn’t get it finished fast enough.
In the end we worked on approx. 130 assets, bodies, heads, sequence characters, portraits and props.
It’s the first time ever, that it’s hard for me to tell who worked on which Asset, as often we switched back and forth during the revision process. I modelled every Asset, but normally I modelled one asset, Stephan then started texturing it while i worked on the next one.
So we made a deal, he tells everyone that he did the coolest assets of the bunch, and i’m going to do the same.

To speed up the workflow bluebyte already delivered us faceless nude bodytypes, which we didn’t touch at all, textures and topology had been set in the very early stages of the production.

Thanks to Michael Filipowsky as lead character artist for all his guidance and also Ben Mathis, who joined the team during the production for helping me with his advices during the revision process.